Shriram Codename Ultimate

Shriram Codename Ultimate is an outstanding luxury apartment project in Bommasandra, South Bangalore. The project offers elegant 3 BHK apartments spread across 6 acres. The enclave consists of 6 towers having a basement, ground floor and 7 floors. It offers brilliantly crafted 414 units. The apartment size ranges from 1265 sq. ft to 1300 sq. ft. The possession date of the project is anticipated to be in 2028. The price range of the apartments will be between Rs. 94 lakhs and Rs. 2 crores.

The project offers a fabulous clubhouse, which is the main highlight. It has been meticulously designed to provide all levels of comfort and convenience to the residents, with plenty of choices for recreation, entertainment, and fitness needs. The extravagant residential project is an outstanding representative of the current structural plan, united with classic angles.

Shriram Codename Ultimate Project Highlights
Type Apartments
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Bommasandra, Bangalore
Builder Shriram Properties
Floor Plans 3 BHK
Price Rs. 94 Lakh* Onwards
Total Land Area 6 Acres
Total Units 414
Size Range 1265 - 1300 Sq Ft
Approvals RERA
No of Towers & Floors 6 Towers & B + G + 7 Floors
RERA No PR/090224/006616
Launch Date March 2024
Possession Date 2028 Onwards

The development includes top-notch amenities, including a clubhouse, landscaped garden, fitness centre, swimming pool, playground for mixed-age children, jogging track, urban farming, pet area, etc. The abundant vegetation and expansive areas will provide residents with a serene ambience, apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday existence. The residents’ mental and physical health are carefully considered, and many recreation and fitness options exist. People can enjoy a comfortable and opulent lifestyle and the beauty of the surroundings right in the middle of all this greenery.

Shriram Codename Ultimate uses modern and cutting-edge technology to provide its residents with an opulent lifestyle. This project has a lot of open space, promoting calmness. The plan offers homes instead of concrete buildings; the occupants will be happy and content with this luxury. The apartments in the project are generously sized, thanks to their ingenious development and construction. Each residence is a unique piece of artistic architecture. Every inch of space is carefully used to give residents the maximum amount of comfort and delight.


Shriram Codename Ultimate Location

Shriram Codename Ultimate’s ideal location in Bommasandra, South Bangalore, makes the location perfect for potential investors and end users. It is a newer suburb with a mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas. Bommasandra is considered one of the upmarket areas in Bangalore and has a number of luxury apartments and villas. There are also numerous shopping options, including malls, boutiques and restaurants. It is well-connected to the rest of the city, and it has various modes of transport, such as metro, bus terminal, and railway station.

Apart from being a residential locality, the project location has several commercial establishments and industrial units. The area has also witnessed development in terms of infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, and shopping complexes. The proposed phase II of the Bangalore Metro, which will connect RV Road to Bommasandra with 16 stations connecting areas of HSR Layout, BTM, and Electronic City, will definitely position Bommasandra as a top real estate destination.

  • Connectivity to the airport: The project location offers various routes for residents to reach the airport easily. Commuters can take Bellary Road, Hosur Road, and NH 48. Kempegowda International Airport is 55 km from the project location.
  • Connectivity to the metro station: The Namma metro yellow line connects the project location, increasing the connectivity of the residents. Construction is almost completed, and it will open soon. Bommasandra metro station is just 600 m from the project site.
  • Connectivity to the railway station: The project location is well-connected to railway stations, such as Heelalige railway station, which is 2.1 km away.
  • Connectivity to NH 44: The project location is directly connected to NH 44, making commuting easy for the residents. NH 44 connects major cities, including Varanasi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madurai, Tirunelveli, and Kanyakumari.

The strategic location of Shriram Codename Ultimate makes the project an ultimate destination for those who wish to live amid all the comforts. The location offers access to all the basic amenities and connectivity to all parts of the city through various modes of transportation.

Key Dates

  • Launch Date
  • Completion Date
  • Possession Date
  • RERA No


Shriram Codename Ultimate Bommasandra

Shriram Codename Ultimate on Bommasandra provides residents access to all the basic amenities and connectivity to all parts of the city. Over the years, Bommasandra, Bangalore's most impoverished and possibly most valuable growing industrial district, has gradually changed from a little outlying neighbourhood to a stable industrial area.

Bommasandra, in contrast to other industrial zones in Bangalore, is endowed with all the conveniences and facilities, as well as road access to Hosur in Tamil Nadu and the interior of Bangalore. On NH-7, the industrial region immediately follows Electronics City, a highly esteemed location. Bommasandra is connected to other well-known Bangalore neighbourhoods, including Koramangala, Silk Board, and BTM, by the elevated highway that runs after the Silk Board area.

Among the leading businesses in Bommasandra are Cipla, Biocon, Titan, Saab Engineering, Continental Automotive Components, and HCL. The neighbourhood is directly behind Bangalore's Narayana Health City, a medical facility. Despite being an industrial neighbourhood, Bommasandra is a popular real estate destination since it is generally quiet, pollution-free, and has the necessary social and physical infrastructure.

Advantages of investing in Shriram Codename Ultimate on Bommasandra

  • Accessibility: The place offers greater access to major parts of Bangalore city through road and rail. Residents can choose their convenient way to travel.
  • Increasing Property rates: The property rate in Bommsandra is increasing very fast because the location is preferable for working professionals and youngsters.
  • Rental Income: Due to the proximity of Electronic City, the place is very convenient for people working in Electronic City and nearby IT parks. This results in a fair monthly rental return and a stable income.
  • Market value: The property rates in this place are increasing daily, so it will provide good returns after one or two years of investing.
  • Infrastructure: The place offers a well-developed infrastructure with proper flyovers, roads, and other basic developments.

An interesting thing about the locality is the demand for different types of housing, from affordable to middle—and high-income housing. Its proximity to Electronics City makes it a preferred residential destination for the IT crowd, whose housing needs tilt towards the Mid-income to High- income range. In contrast, the small-scale industry crowd creates the demand for affordable housing.


Shriram Codename Ultimate Bangalore

Shriram Codename Ultimate is perfectly nested in the southern zone of Bangalore, the capital of the South Indian state of Karnataka. The city is known as the "Silicon Valley of India" because it is the nation's leading software exporter and a major semiconductor hub. Every technological organization is headquartered in Bangalore.

Starting in the 1980s, Karnataka emerged as the country's information technology capital. A total of 1973 companies in Karnataka are involved in Information technology-related business, including big firms like Infosys and Wipro, which have their headquarters in Bangalore. The Bangalore IT hub contributes the most, with almost 40 per cent of the total IT exports from India.

Bangalore is an attractive and alluring destination for real estate investment and home buying. The city's strong economy, high rental yields, growing demand for housing, affordable prices, good connectivity, and high quality of life make it an ideal place to invest. The city's real estate market for residential properties is poised for steady growth. The city's robust economy and reputation as a hub for invention and technology will continue attracting professionals from across the country and abroad.

Advantages of investing and residing in Bangalore

  • High-end infrastructure: The city offers advanced physical and social infrastructure to provide a premium lifestyle to the residents.
  • Hub of IT and Tech parks: The city offers job opportunities to millions of people because it is home to numerous multinational companies, IT parks, and Start-ups. The city can offer something to everybody.
  • Pleasant climate: The city offers a pleasant climate throughout the year, which is a main attraction to people getting settled here; most of the large cities are experiencing sweltering heat during the summers.
  • Vibrant streets: The city's streets are vibrant and cheerful; an enjoyable nightlife can be experienced.

Bangalore has a high demand for rental properties, making it an ideal and perfect destination for real estate investors looking for a stable income stream. Because of the overpopulation, properties in Bangalore will provide high rental returns.


Shriram Codename Ultimate RERA

Shriram Codename Ultimate has applied for RERA approvals, and the builder will commence construction only after receiving the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities. The RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Act of 2016 was passed to guarantee the openness, control, and advancement of India's real estate sector. Its main aim is to protect investors' and consumers' interests in the sector.

The government ensured that each state had an RERA authority to guarantee that the RERA Act was correctly applied. In the state of Karnataka, one such organization is the Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority. The main objectives of RERA Karnataka are to safeguard the interests of property purchasers and boost real estate investment in the state.

Benefits of investing in RERA-approved projects

  • Security: The RERA Act mandates that at least 70% of the funds belonging to buyers and investors be maintained in separate accounts. After that, the builders can only use this money for land-related and building expenses.
  • Transparency: All of the projects that builders work on are required to have their original documentation submitted. They are not supposed to change the plans without the buyer’s consent.
  • Fairness: RERA has now instructed developers to sell properties based on the carpet area, not the super built-up area. If the project has been delayed, buyers are entitled to return the invested money.
  • Quality: The builder must rectify any issue the buyer faces within five years of purchase and within 30 days of the complaint.
  • Authorisation: A regulator can only advertise, sell, build, invest, or book a plot if registering with the regulator. After registration, all investment advertisements should bear a unique project-wise registration number provided by RERA.

The RERA Act makes it mandatory to register a project with RERA for the launch of any residential or commercial real estate project with a land area of more than 500 square meters. Registering with RERA helps create transparency in the implementation of the projects launched.


Shriram Codename Ultimate Apartments

An apartment is a self-contained residential housing unit, a particular type of residential building that occupies part of a single building. Generally, apartments are designed as single-story units. There are several apartment units in a single building, and separate individuals own each apartment.

Things to consider before buying an apartment

  • Basic needs: Before investing in apartments, ensure the projects offer proper water and uninterrupted power supplies. Life in those houses will be difficult and exhaustive if the project doesn’t have these two basic needs.
  • Discount: Builders, banks, and lenders will offer great deals and discounts, but there will be many hidden terms and conditions. If buyers keep a keen eye out for the right deals, they can save even lakhs.
  • Affordable budget: Always go for affordable projects and ensure no financial burden is caused by buying that specific property. Making a huge financial burden after buying the property will lead to a miserable life.
  • Document Verification: Check and verify all the documents only by the buyer himself; there is a chance of presenting fake documents. Make sure that every document produced is true and legal.

A luxury apartment is a type of residential housing with high-end amenities, exquisite finishing, expansive views from spacious balconies, and ultimate conveniences. They come with various amenities within the premises that cater to all age groups. Shriram Properties has developed a luxury apartment in Bommasandra in South Bangalore, Shriram Codename Ultimate, providing residents with a premium and high-quality lifestyle.

Advantages of investing in Shriram Codename Ultimate apartments

  • Upgrade to better quality: The amenities and all the facilities provided in the Shriram Codename Ultimate will upgrade the lifestyle and ambience of the residents. The project will provide a more sumptuous and comfortable feeling.
  • Cutting-edge technology: The builder has utilised modern and innovative technologies in the project to provide extra comfort to the residents, which will be an awful experience.
  • Meet the expectation: Living in a perfect home that meets all the residents’ expectations is a different feel. Shriram Codename Ultimate will meet all the needs and exceed expectations.
  • Appreciation Value: Properties in the Shriram Codename Ultimate development are not just homes but assets crafted for appreciation. The combination of the prestigious developer, prime location, and high-quality construction contributes to the property’s value appreciation over time.
  • Security: All safety amenities, like inter-com facilities, CCTV monitoring, etc., are a part of the project so buyers can enjoy them and have a higher level of security within their homes.

Shriram Properties

Shriram Properties Apartment in Bangalore

Shriram Properties is a reputable real estate developer in South India. They are renowned for offering reasonably priced, high-quality homes. They also present plotted development, opulent dwellings, and categories for business and office space. Their portfolio has 24 active projects and 25 planned projects, which adds up to an estimated 51.6 million square feet of saleable area.

Reason for the success of Shriram Properties

  • High-end technology
  • Outstanding designs
  • Meticulously planned layouts
  • Customer priority
  • On-time completion

The company's numerous honours and recognitions attest to the builder's commitment and calibre of work. Transparency, excellence, and trust are their guiding principles. They constantly work to meet the demands and expectations of their customers by delivering high-quality projects. Known for its customer-first philosophy, Shriram Properties is delighted to create architectural wonders with expertly designed-living areas and top-notch amenities. The company's passion is affordable housing, and it strives to produce high-quality homes on schedule.

Upcoming projects in Bangalore in 2024

Upcoming projects in Bangalore in 2024

Projects marked as "upcoming" indicate that they are still in the planning stages and can be reserved by interested parties. These projects occasionally involve the construction of a new building, the enlargement of an existing structure, or the renovation of an existing property. In Bangalore, Shriram Properties undertook several new launch and pre-launch projects in 2024.

Some of the finest upcoming projects of Shriram Properties in Bangalore are:

Ongoing projects in Bangalore

An ongoing project is one that is still in development and has not yet received an occupancy or completion certificate. Shriram Properties consistently completes its projects on schedule and is the creator of various active luxury developments in Bangalore.

Some of the top-most ongoing projects of Shriram Properties in Bangalore are:

Prestige Westwoods

Shriram Pristine Esteem

Shriram Esquire

Shriram Esquire

Shriram Hebbal 1

Shriram Hebbal 1

The Poem by Shriram Properties

The Poem by Shriram Properties

Shriram Solitaire

Shriram Solitaire

Shriram Chirping Ridge

Shriram Chirping Ridge

Completed projects in Bangalore

When a project is declared finished, it indicates that all of its duties have been accomplished. A completion certificate attests to the fact that the building of the property has been finished in accordance with the established standards, norms and specifications. It gives the buyer peace of mind that the property is prepared and that there won't be any issues when they take possession. Reputable builders like Shriram Properties have designed and finished a number of luxury buildings in Bangalore.

Some of the best-completed projects of Shriram Properties in Bangalore are:

Shriram Westwoods

Shriram Westwoods

Shriram Blue

Shriram Blue

Shriram Earth Whitefield

Shriram Earth Whitefield

Shriram Raynal Gardens

Shriram Raynal Gardens

Codename Rhythm of North

Codename Rhythm of North

Shriram Rainforest

Shriram Rainforest

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